The North Carolina Battalion was formed in 1985 from all the Civil War reenacting units in North Carolina to be able to participate as a large group under their own command during the 125th anniversary events. This unity lasted until after the 125th Gettysburg when two units of the original battalion left to form another battalion now known as the 2nd NC Battalion (Carolina Legion). The remainder of the units assumed the name of the 1st NC Battalion. This battalion has been together from 1988 until the present. We have grown from 100 men to the present strength of 535 men. In 1997 the battalion was given the status of a “Regiment”. This status was awarded because 1st NC Battalion was able to consistently field 10 companies with an average of 300+ men in the ranks at each ANV sanctioned event. New for the 2011 season, we are pleased to have the beginnings of our own fife and drum corps.

Company at Gettysburg

Company at Gettysburg Living History

Today the rank and file of the regiment has grown and now represents units from Canada to Florida. We are a very family-oriented reenacting organization with member’s wives and children being welcome in our camps. We are primarily a mainstream group and strive to make the experience of reenacting meaningful for each of our members. We also respect the desires of our progressive members and work to make their experience as fulfilling as the event will allow. While the 4th regiment does not uniformly portray any one specific federal impression, we encourage, support and provide a leadership structure for those member units who do galvanize, as we understand the importance of portraying both sides of this conflict.

One of the most important goals of the 4th Regiment is to assist each member unit in achieving the most realistic experience possible at every Regimental event they attend. This is accomplished by the battalion staff as they provide quality leadership, authentic camps, and safety during battles. The staff also coordinates with event organizers to insure that basic needs such as firewood and water are maintained.

The Regiment has created a recommended standard for military impressions. The regiment does not however, supersede any guidelines set up by individual companies unless appearance is clearly outside of known historical research. If that is the case, the staff will offer guidance and suggestions to correct the situation.

New members interested in joining the reenacting community should apply for membership as part of a company or group. If you are not yet a member of a group, please contact us at the email address below and we will be glad to direct you to some our member units that are closest to your home. Hopefully you can find one that meets your expectations and then join us in the field!

During events, the staff area is always open to anyone who may want to come by and talk, also staff members of the regiment are always available to assist individuals with their needs or questions.

This is a brief overview of the 4th Regiment, 1st Division ANV. Please feel free to contact any member of the staff with additional questions, comments or concerns you may have about the regiment.

Hope to see you on the field.
Col Bill Potts Commanding
4th Regiment/ 1st NC Battalion
1st Division, Army of Northern Virginia 2011